Blaise Ingoglia is a small business owner and conservative champion who is not afraid to take on the establishment and fight for our families.

First elected to the Florida House in 2014, Blaise quickly established himself as a conservative leader. Today, he serves as Chairman of the House Commerce Committee. In the House, Blaise maintained his commitment to conservative principles, standing strong against tax increases, illegal immigration, and efforts to weaken our Second Amendment rights. He spearheaded key legislation through the House to protect Florida’s water resources, create jobs by removing onerous regulation, protect Florida’s elections from fraud, and stop Big Tech from silencing our voices.

As Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida in 2016 and 2018, Blaise led statewide efforts to elect President Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis. His efforts also led to dominant Republican victories to local, state, and federal offices across Florida.

Originally from New York, Blaise decided to escape the high tax, high regulatory environment of New York City and take a chance. So, with only $1,600 in his pocket, Blaise moved to Spring Hill, Florida, in 1996. He quickly found success in the Sunshine State, establishing a mortgage company dedicated to helping first-time homebuyers achieve the American Dream. In 2001, he founded Hartland Homes, a home building company that focused on delivering quality homes at affordable prices to the Spring Hill market

Blaise became politically active in 2007 when property taxes skyrocketed. He founded Government Gone Wild, producing a series of hugely successfully live seminars designed to show taxpayers how government squandered our hard-earned money. His YouTube videos have been watched nearly 8 million times.

Today, Blaise remains as committed as ever in his fight to tackle government waste and overreach. He remains dedicated to grassroots conservatives and is one of President Trump’s leading defenders in Florida.

Blaise is a devoted father and husband. He lives in Spring Hill with his wife Julie and their dogs.